Identifying Ginseng and Goldenseal


The Backwoodsman’s Institute presents: Identifying Ginseng and Goldenseal. In this video Scott is still hunting for whitetail deer and comes across some gins…


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21 Responses to “Identifying Ginseng and Goldenseal”

  1. Celia Younger says:

    and what are you using it for?? I mean what is good for?

  2. pentecostalangel1 says:

    Found a huge patch of yellow root today in the mountains of WV.

  3. Richmond Baek says:

    If you are able to sell your ginseng in up coming season. please contact me at

  4. blotaunka says:

    I have always wondered what it looked like, to bad you couldn’t show a green one with berries

  5. nery colon says:

    Hi I came across your video and enjoyed very much, I am a new gardener and trying to learn about plants, The Ginseng it used here where I live but the other plant I never heard of it. you have a great video so I subbed.

  6. JesseBCO18 says:

    I live in Indiana and dig Ginseng every year. This guy is not up to date on the law here. You can dig 3 prongs but no less than that. Also, the season starts September 1 and has for years.

  7. crystal adkins says:

    my brother makes a liveing genseingin and other things like slippery ealm bark . he makes up to 200$ a day

  8. Rob Martin says:

    SEMPER FI!!!!! BY THE WAY!!!! another good clip would be talking about a May Apples, very common in Southern Indiana, WV, KY…Just a sugestion…LOve your clips…

  9. Charlie vu says:

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  10. s Booker says:

    Unlike ginseng, which is a tonic and can be taken daily (with no known reasonable limits on dosage), goldenseal is to be taken internally only as needed. When taken it should be in small amounts for a limited period,(about 10 days). On the other hand, used topically in a poultice, goldenseal does not seem to have a toxic level.

  11. mizanur rahman says:

    just try Veyromax and forget about erection problems, it is Japanese, not fake. guys, try Veyromax first . Veyromax has the following ingredients:

    - Tongkat Ali
    - Ginseng
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  12. Max Havok says:

    i wouldnt even sell it…id like to figure out what part of the country has the most medicinal plants growing naturally…at some point id like to have a few acres and grow my own medicinal plants..just dont know where these thinks all grow best as far as grow zones…didnt even know there was a type of ginseng that grew in north america..thought mainly siberia and china.

  13. ma9ic11 says:

    Nice vid, thank you

  14. The Backwoodsman's Institute says:

    There are many good books to help you. When it comes to plants I like the Peterson Field Guides. I like the way they are set up. Don’t make the mistake of learning it all at once. For instance, choose a few plants and learn everything about those. Then learn a few more and so on. The same applies to learning woodsman skills.

  15. bigdom187 says:

    Hi Mr. Fromme. I live in Indiana as well and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for reading up on Indiana plants? I’m just starting to learn woodsman skills and can use all the pointers I can find. Thanks! Oh, nice video I found it to be very informative!

  16. MrGoosePit says:

    Always wondered what ginseng would look like out in the woods. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing! 

  17. TreasureFiend says:

    Another great video buddy!

  18. teenprepper96 says:

    I dont see why you have 3 dislikes, this a very informational video and I like it

  19. wgfarmer says:

    I’m from southern Indiana and it is really cool to see someone local willing to share backwoods knowledge.

  20. ANXIETOR says:

    another good video.  thanks.

  21. rising74phoenix says:

    Thanks again neighbor… its always nice to get knowledge from local people who actually are familiar with our local environment, I have learned a lot from you guys please keep ‘em coming.